Saturday, November 14, 2009

Home again . . .

It is good to get home so I will share some pictures today. There were some pleasant surprises. Our good neighbors had plowed us out. As we drove west from Billings, I kept thinking, "no way, can there be 2 feet of snow at home." There was just a dusting in Billings and very little along the way although the roads showed the remains of many drivers in the ditch and some still there including a turned over semi-truck. But, once we came to Bozeman, the 2 feet of snow was a reality. And this is what it looked like this morning after a day to settle and melt some as the sun came out yesterday. This is the walk from the driveway to our back door into the kitchen.

I was also greeted by the new blooms of my Christmas cactus. It begins blooming every year at this time and it continues until about the first of April. The pot is one I made years ago and it is "hand built" from slab. I just like it beside the plant. The plant sits on an old piano stool. The plant came from clippings from my aunt who got them from my grandmother who passed away over 70 years ago. It is a family plant.

Of course - I did have to stop at Fiberworks in Billings before we left town. It is the most amazing quilt and fabric store I have ever been in. It is like walking into a visual symphony of beautiful quilt samples and fabric. It is owned by Laura Heine and she is a wonderful fabric artist and does amazing longarm quilting. Her focus is more on texture than pattern and the piecing or applique is always enhanced perfectly. You know how sometimes it is fun to see different quilt tops quilted differently? With her work, I can not imagine the quilting being anything other than what it is. I bought this pattern. I am not sure I will make it as I just love the pattern. The quilt itself is amazing, but I am not sure I want to replicate it - rather just enjoy looking at the picture. . . drooling on the picture may be more accurate.

Bob is off to the football game - the MSU Bobcats are playing Sacramento State from California. It is cold out - maybe 31 degrees for the high today - so one of his good friends is using my ticket. They will both enjoy that and I can stay home to quilt. It works for me! I am so thankful Bob is not recovering from surgery - and we will work on the recovering part.

I also came home to some overripe bananas and decided to make whole wheat banana muffins. I need to get with the baking and cooking and try some low fat recipes. This one has little oil and I replaced part of it with applesauce. It is my part in helping him get to a better place with the health issues - and it sure won't hurt me either.

So, the coffee if fresh and the muffins are hot - I wish you were here to share a visit, a cuppa and a bite or two. It is good to be home . . .

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Kim S said...

Your Christmas cactus is beautiful!!! I have one that was my Great Grandmothers... Still waiting for some blooms.