Monday, June 29, 2009

Wonderful Weekend . . .

We got to our friends' RV on Canyon Ferry Lake late Friday night and we had a wonderful late, late steak dinner with margaritas. They have a new 5th wheel home and they are really enjoying it. Saturday, we had to juggle the airshow and a trip to a good friend's memorial service about an hour further away. It all got done and enjoyed in every way possible. The memorial service was outdoors in the most beautiful mountain setting.

We came back to the lake and stayed overnight in a little guest house built by Bob's sister and her husband at their cabin. The lake picture is taken of the lake from the porch of the guest house. The second picture is another one I took as we enjoyed an early morning boat ride around the lake Sunday. We also saw these two yearling buck deer with velvet on their antlers as we came out to get on the boat.

When we got back to Bozeman, we had our birthday celebration for Stan and the last picture is of Weston enjoying some late night breakfast cereal while he waited for his clothes to get dry in the dryer. He wanted to water the plants on the back deck and then watered himself mostly so he was soaked.

It was a "just the best weekend".

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