Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good day . . . even better tomorrow

It was a really good Wednesday. I had an epiphany regarding my struggle with my aging parents and how I can best help them from 200 miles away. Today I realized it is my work - my assignment if you will. It is what I am supposed to be doing and to learn to do it with dignity and honor to the best of my ability. Until I can do that, I will continue to have this lesson over and over. This has been a very freeing awareness. I can't really go into it, but will try to share more as the weeks go on.

I also finished the crib skirt for baby Walker. I made a bumper pad set for his crib based on the color scheme his mom designed before he was born. She is a decorator. She was using a different crib skirt, but it didn't look like what she envisioned so I had enough scraps left from the bumper pad to make one out of strips of fabric. I used every inch of what was left. When I took it over tonight, it fit. I like the strips of fabric better than a solid color. I will get some pictures next week to share. Here is the front part. I really had to patch to make the sides and the back is plane fabric as is the panel that goes over the springs.

I also did some planting of flowers today - finally. It has rained and been so cold that I just haven't had a chance to get out there. I always wait until "after Memorial Day" - and then this year the cold really hit. I use a type of petunia that fill the planters and don't require any dead heading. Each container will fill out and look just like the third picture which was taken a couple summers ago with Weston "smelling" them. I hope they look as good this year and they should.

I am starting to pack my sewing stuff for our trip to Portland. I want to make Meagan one of these simple, cut sundresses that I watched done a couple weeks ago on Martha Stewart. It was interesting as I never watch her show, but I am glad I did this one as I think this is such a cute idea. It is done with elastic thread in the bobbin and is very easy. I then ordered a book that also makes them out of vintage pillow cases. We are going to make one from the orange fabric with hearts and then if she likes it, we will go fabric shopping and pick her out another piece of fabric. I think they take about an hour to make.

We will go to Missoula tomorrow and visit both parents and then go on to Spokane for an overnight before heading to Portland early Friday morning. I am so excited about going as I haven't seen Roy or Meagan for 4 months and that seems like too long. It was a really good day!

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