Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Enjoying the memories of a good trip.

It is great to be home and have a day to get organized. We are not traveling anywhere again for a couple weeks.

So just how did we do with the list form "Meagan Monday" in Portland? Well we got the cookies made - a small batch. It is quite an interesting recipe - a little dough with a lot of M & M's and a lot of chocolate chips. It is Meagan's favorite as she really likes the chocolate . . . hmmm - wonder where she got that gene?

We also got to the Red Robin for lunch and did some shopping at Toys R Us. Both of those items got check off the list. We also got started with the flannel lounge pants and finished putting crystals on the little skirt and "Roxy" shirt. And, we did get to the park to play and to the backyard to play baseball. So - we had a busy Monday. It was a great time there. We missed a few things that we will do when she gets out this way in August. We can hardly wait for that visit

I am now letting Hoke (my IQ) drive Miss Daisy (my A1) and do some quilting for a friend in Colorado who makes and donates things for a holiday sale this fall as a benefit. That is about as much quilting as I can get done today. Tomorrow, it is off to Missoula for a "team meeting" at the nursing home for Dad.

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