Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New day - new thoughts . . .

I am going to try to blog something every day - or not. It is my new challenge to myself. So I won't run around without a camera and will try to say a few words about each day.

This robin nest is right outside our kitchen door. In fact, we have stopped using that door while Mama and Papa are tending to the young. And we have had lots of rain and even a little snow so I stretched a piece of plastic over the cedar bush to keep the nest dry. They will be a week old tomorrow and then I think in another week they will be gone. In the second picture - the close up - you can see the feathers are starting to form. There are 4 babies in the nest. We watch and worry. And, I have to remind myself every so often that "they will make it or they won't" - it is not in my hands.

The last picture is what I saw out my front door when I put Kassie out. It has been cold, rainy and even a few snowflakes for the past several days. And then the sun came out and it was green as far as my eye could see. Those mountains in the distance - there are bigger ones behind those - are about 5 miles away. It is just that sight that makes me feel so blessed to live here.

I am off to my studio to do something creative - or not. See you tomorrow.


myolivebranch said...

looking forward to your "daily or not" blog posts and/or pix!

Carol said...

Thanks, Kay. I will give it my best shot - or not! LOL! I have thought of not blogging, but decided to give it one more "serious" effort before I stop.