Monday, June 15, 2009

Meagan Monday . . .

This is "Meagan Monday". She came back last night and today we have been "hanging out" doing all of the stuff we had planned to get done. Here is our list for today and I will enter our progress on my next post with some pics. We have to get every minute in with Meagan today.

1. Put bracelets together from kit.
2. Add crystals to shirt and skirt we bought last Friday night.
3. Go outside and play baseball in the backyard.
4. Go to Red Robin for lunch.
5. Go to Toys R Us to find the "light saber" for Weston and something for Meagan.
6. Find a pants pattern to make the flannel lounge pants for Meagan.
7. Make our favorite chocolate chip and M&M cookies
8. Watch "Kung Fu Panda" video
9. Go to neighborhood park to play more baseball
10. Go "out" for supper.

We are packing the car tonight after she heads to bed so we can start home early in the morning. It is a 13 hour drive - about 750 plus miles I think from Portland to Bozeman. We need to be back on Wednesday so we will drive it in one day - a long day. So probably no blogging tomorrow night.

See you back in Montana on Wednesday . . . it has been "the best" to spend time in Portland!

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