Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gorgeous day . . .

After almost a month of cold, wet weather, today it was just gorgeous. There was rarely a cloud in the sky and the temp was about 74 and steady all day. It was one of those days that make you realize why Montana is "The Last Best Place". The pictures along the side are all explained in the next to last paragraph.

We had a busy day starting with a trip to the furniture store to order a daybed for Bob's new office. We also ordered the trundle that slides out and raises up as needed. This is the bedroom that Weston has claimed as "his room" and he now shares it with Grandpa so it is all good.

We then spent 2 hours at a local RV place to start our search for a used RV. We have done lots of reading and looking at pictures online of those on sale and we are pretty sure we want a good deal on a Class A or Class C rather than a 5th wheel or trailer. But who knows, we are just starting our search and hope to have a decision made in a month or so.

We did our Costco run and came home just in time for a quick supper and headed out again for a special celebration at our new Dinosaur Park. It was the "official" ribbon cutting ceremony and Stan, our son, said a few words of thanks as he has worked hard during the past couple years with the fund raising as have many others. The park was actually built over 5 days a couple weeks ago all by volunteers. It is part of a new 100 acre park that is just beginning. There is a outdoor amphitheater and several ponds already with trails. It is going to be wonderful and is within walking distance from Stan and Rainy's home. You can also see Weston on Grandpa's shoulders watching his Dad talk and then digging for dinosaur bones in one of the "sandpits" in the playground. Afterwards we all went to Cold Stone for ice cream. It is a good thing the rest of the meals today were light because the ice cream at Cold Stone is a whole day of WW points for sure. Weston road home with us and the watched us pull away from the curb.

As we got out of the car at home, the sun was going down and the backyard looked so serene in the beauty of the trees and grass with the sunset behind. It was a glorious day!

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