Friday, June 26, 2009

Off for the weekend . . .

We are off for a short weekend. Tonight we are heading up to Canyon Ferry to have dinner with friends in their 5th wheel at a campground there. We want to check out all of the pros and cons of a 5th wheel vs a motorhome. After dinner, we will go on to stay at Bob's sister's cabin a bit futher up on the lake.

Tomorrow morning we will all go into the Helena Air Show and watch some of it. Bob's nephew is a Navy pilot and has flown at F-18 Superhornet up from his assignement in San Diego. Next week after he gets back, he will be assigned to the USS Nemitz for a 6 month tour supporting the troups in Afganistan.

We will leave the airshop a bit early so we can travel up to Lincoln, MT. (yes, that is where they found the Unibomber, but most people there are very, very normal.) It is about an hour to where we are going to join the family of a long time friend of Bob's who passed away about a month ago. The family is gathering for a memorial celebration. We will come back and stay at the lake again after dinner with Bob's family there.

A very busy weekend and one that is complicated by a car that is not working. We have a loaner, but it is a newer one. The LilyB has been in the garage three times this week while they are trying to fix the same problem - hmmm - good thing it is all under warranty work.

I baked two kinds of pan cookies this morning. I loved DearGina's blog and a few days ago she wrote about some of the learnings from her mom. One of them that has stuck with me is - "Never go anywhere empty handed". I love her blog. So, I have two big plates of cookies each for friends and family. I will post recipes if I get any "raves".

Sunday is Stan's birthday so we will have a dinner out here to celebrate that. Busy weekend - one of those very special times with old friends and family to share love and good memories.

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