Friday, July 31, 2015

Going to change one of my ways -

I always hear that saying, "you need to change your ways".  Or maybe I remember my dad telling me that when I was in trouble or close to being in trouble.  But I decided this morning that I need to "change one of my ways".

I have been so hard on myself for so long.  Always lots of negative talk about how I am not doing what I should be doing - harsh talk to myself.  Lots of talk to myself about how I should be eating less, moving more, working harder, getting things done - and on and on it goes.  This morning I realized how much of my time I spend being really mean to myself.   So I am going to "change my ways" with that.

When I realize I am negative talking, I am going to stop it and mentally and physically turn to something else.  Start something different, get up from what I am doing, move away physically and mentally from that place.  I will see how the day goes.

Supper tonight is going to be taco salad here at home.  I bought these little pans that make the tortilla salad bowls - they are baked so are much better for us.  We had them a couple weeks ago and I took these pictures.  They are really good.  I cook up some ground beef and beans with taco seasoning and layer it in with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and whatever else we have the works on tacos.

Supper is planned and will be good!  Now that is being good to myself.

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