Thursday, July 23, 2015

My cell phone returned today. . .

It has been a long few days but finally my cell phone showed up in the mail.  I am so appreciative that the restaurant found it and took the time to send it to me.  So I can't be upset that it took what seemed like an endless amount of time to get it back.  I will be more careful.

Here are some of the pictures that I took last week.  We sure had a great time.

Each morning there were several small sail boats out with what appeared to be an instructor in a canoe.  Some were just sail boards and others small boats.  This was one of the most beautiful mornings from our deck.

The dock was quite a ways down below the deck but there was a nice path with some stairs to get there.  We did not have a boat but a couple hours were nice enough for some to get in the water.  

There was a little covered patio just off the deck where we had our morning coffee each morning and gabbed and gabbed and gabbed.

This is the morning we left.  These are the original four from Cut Bank and they have kind of "adopted" me to participate in their Cut Bank reunions.  They sure don't look like 70, huh?  Gail, in the red shirt, was my freshman roommate in college.  We have stayed close friends every since.  I was her "matron of honor" when she married and she is the "godmother" of my older son.   Lots of years and lots of miles.

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