Monday, July 20, 2015

Great week with long time good friends . . .

I got home late Saturday night after spending the previous week with long time college friends in a great house on Flathead Lake.  We gather every few years and this year was special as it was the year we all turn, or turned, 70.  There were 5 of us and we all enjoyed the time together.

I took some great pictures, but I left my phone in a cafe in Seeley Lake, MT as we traveled home on Saturday afternoon.  The picture below is one from one of the friends.   This was of one of the many rainbows we enjoyed during the week and part of the view from the living room and deck.   It was kind of a cool time so we did not get in much water playing but the amount of gabbing made up for it.

We also went to see "Annie" at the Bigfork Playhouse and that was fabulous.  Most of the time we just were lazy and visited, laughed, shared old memories and made many good, new ones.

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