Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Back from our little journey . . .

We had a great time with the grandsons in the Black Hills area.  We saw Devil's Tower and Mt. Rushmore along with lots of gorgeous, lush, green landscape.  They have had a lot of rain over there this year it seems.  Now we are back to the business of enjoying life here.  No plans for the 4th of July - just enjoying the times.

And here is the waterpark at the hotel where we stayed.  It was fun to stay in the same place for several nights as we traveled around the area.  We always knew where we were coming at the end of each day and the grandsons loved the waterpak.  It was all good.

We also stopped on the way home to show them the new Scheels store in Billings.  It is amazing. Bob rode the big ferris wheel with them.  It is right in the middle of the store.  They also enjoyed watching and listening to Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson talk via the animated characters that are in the store.  As I was sitting waiting for them on the ride,  I got out my phone and decided to call Mom and share with her what a fun trip it had been.  Then I remembered.  She always loved hearing about what we were doing and how the boys were enjoying things.  It was hard for a moment and then it passed but the sense of another loss seems to have stayed with me.  The loss of my good friend.

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