Friday, July 3, 2015

Moving faster . . .

I woke up this morning with some kind of bug - not the day for that as there is so much to do.  But I moved ahead anyway.  Now I am weary but glad I struggled through and got some things done.

First we went out to retrieve Gus from the repair place that was fixing the chassis air conditioner.  It needed a new hose and that is a special hose as it comes from the engine in the rear to the front dashboard area.  The roof air conditioners are fine so that is good.

Next we decided to get some ideas of what to do with our king size mattress.  It is 20 years old but it has been a great mattress.  It is form a local firm that makes mattresses here and it is one of the very best.  The top zips off and you turn the foam pieces a few times a year - supposed to be monthly I think, but we probably did it closer to a few times a year.  The top part that zips off is a pillow top. That part has sunken in so the top of the bed has two indents.  I hated to have it like that with the kids going to use it for the next year.  So we stopped to see options - new mattress - rebuild this one - what was best.  They suggested redoing the zip off pillow top and turning the foam pieces and the actual innerspring.  So that is what we will do.  It is all good.

Then we headed out to buy a new washer and dryer.  We have nursed the old GE along for 28 years. We can make it work - dryer dials no longer work so have to set a phone alarm - washer is easily out of balance so have to stay close and no auto shut off - but the needs of a young, busy family would be to much for it.  We needed a new one anyway so that was next on the list.  I had done some research and knew I wanted a top loader that was tough.  I decided on a Speed Queen and once we got to the local place we found they were having a sale and they keep them in stock.  It will be here on Tuesday.  Not fancy but supposed to be durable.  We will see about that!

Also got an exciting new book in the mail - can't wait to dig into this one.  Wow - looks so interesting!

Things are moving along.  I hope I can keep up.

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