Saturday, July 11, 2015

Busy days . . .

We are working hard to get organized and clean out, thin out, throw out lots of excess so the house will be ready for Stan, Rainy, Walker and Weston to move in July 28th.

The new washer and dryer arrived this week.  They are not fancy but they seem very sturdy and do a great job.  We have set up the bedroom again upstairs in the place that is a bedroom but has been used for storage.  And I finally went through the boxes of stuff I brought back from Mom's apartment last January after she died.  That pile had just been untouched for all these months.  I tried to go through them a few months back, but just couldn't.  It was much easier now.  It felt sweet and not so painful.

Today I am getting ready for my good friend, Gail,  from Colorado to come to Bozeman.  She arrives this evening.  Tomorrow we are going to spend the day getting ready to head to Flathead Lake on Monday morning.  We have to get mani-pedi's and all of that stuff.  We will meet up with three other women and spend the week celebrating our 70th birthdays which we all have or will enjoy this year. We have all known each other for over 50 years and a couple of them have known each other since kindergarten.  We rented a house on the lake with a dock, great lake views and a hot tub on the deck. It will be a wonderful week with good friends.

So that is about it for here - more later.

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