Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Interesting night . .

Nothing unusual in many ways, but again I did not sleep well last night.  My brain was working overtime on Mom's estate stuff and her passing and missing her.

One of our cousins has just recently caused a heartache because she felt she and her children were not involved as much as they thought they should have been in Mom's last days.  Of course they said nothing to me but rather approached my sister with the focus on it being my decision.  And they stated how much they loved Mom and would have wanted to have been there.  They actually live here.  What is up with that kind of behavior?

My sister and/or I were with Mom for every hour of her last 10 days.  We called all the relatives to let them know and many came to visit and pay their last respects in whatever way they were most comfortable and I think Mom knew when loved ones were there.  At no time did anyone from this particular, complaining family call or stop.  And you know what?  At that time, it did not even seem odd.  Everyone handles those kinds of things in their own way and heaven knows my sister and I had our hearts and hands full.  It is a very loving, painful, forgiving, peaceful time.   Now, it seems, they feel they were slighted. I just have to shake my head.

But it is still possible to stay awake thinking about Mom.  Even after these 7 months. Thinking about how she died and what more we might have been able to do.  Missing her again and again.

Here are some flower pictures I took with my iPhone while at the lake.  Love them and need them this morning.

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