Thursday, June 25, 2015

Working on it . . .

Well now that I have the system running - my A1 with the IQ - I can move forward to get a very long overdue quilt done.  I don't quilt for others anymore as I found the family health requirements these past few years made it hard for me to be reliable and get quilts back to customers in a reasonable time.  And for me, the family needs came first.

My good friend, Gail, from Denver, however, is very flexible so I do things for her from time to time. This tshirt quilt is one she made and got to me last fall.  I had it on my schedule to get it done right after Christmas.  A few things happened so here I am - finally getting it finished.  I wasn't sure everything would work as it should, but so far so good!  Nice t-shirts with lots of thick, heavy graphicsand fused to nice woven,  heavier backing and then throw in a pieced back.  It is just quilting up fine!

We are off tomorrow with the grands to see Mr Rushmore.  So I will finish this when I get back.  Lots to do today to get ready.

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