Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Busy times - what else is new?

It is always busy around here it seems.  We had such a wonderful warm winter and now we are seeing that several of our smaller trees did not winter well so we will be looking into some landscape remodeling.  Several days in March it warmed enough that the trees thought it was time to bud and then we had some hard freezes again.  Such is life in Montana.

I also hit a great fabric sale in Livingston last week.  Livingston is a great little town about 25 miles or so west of us here.  Here is a group of some of the things - well all of it really - that I bought.

Sunday we had our little grandsons Weston and Walker here for a full day visit.  We worked in the yard for a bit and then took a little day trip to Virginia City where my sister, Stacey, has her old fashioned photo studio.  The boys love going there and always want their pictures taken in "authentic" garb.  

Weston is almost 10 and he got to drive the yard tractor and pull the wagon around so I could get some plants in here and there.  He said, "this is every boy's dream - to drive a tractor".  I had to laugh as I am thinking the driving part might be every boy's dream but maybe not a lawn tractor even though it is a big lawn tractor.  

Good times - still quilting - still feeling good - still loving memories of Mom and Dad and knowing I was so loved and now get to pass it all on.

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