Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fun days -

We have had some great days.  Saturday evening Weston and Walker came to spend the night and we went to the movie, "Inside Out".   It was quite different for the usual animated movie.  The boys enjoyed it and so did we.   It stayed with me and I love stories like that.

Sunday I took the "Dads" out to supper and that was always fun.  We went to Rio Sabinas in Belgrade and I had the best enchilada with shredded beef and a wonderful fresh salsa over it. Delicious.

Ant then Monday I decided it was time to get my Intelliquilter running again.  I have not used it for a couple years.  Life has been busy.  So I cleaned my A1 quilting machine thoroughly, gave it a spa treatment, and then loaded some samples to see if I could remember how to get the IQ to run the machine.  Here are a couple pictures of what I found to quilt. Beautiful stitches, great tension and it all seemed natural - intuitive.

I even purchased and download a new design and it all came back.  Love that IQ.  I need to do a t-shirt quilt for a friend so I wanted to do some practice pieces and these placemats were just right.Tomorrow I am going to load that t-shirt quilt.  

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