Monday, June 15, 2015

Back from the lake

We got back last night from our first trip for the summer season to Canyon Ferry Lake.  We took the little guys with us as they always like a trip in the motorhome. Walker took this picture of the lake through the motorhome window right after we arrived there.

 The weather was perfect for them to get in some water fun the first couple days on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday it was very cool and breezy.  The boys were not feeling quite themselves and the younger one, Walker, was very sick by the time we got home yesterday. They had both been struggling with what we all thought was the leftover of a bug.  But Walker got sicker and sicker and now he has pneumonia.  He had meds with him that he took,  but they have now doubled up on the meds and are going to treat him at home with daily trips to the doctor for treatments.  It is so sad to see them sick when they are so little.

We left with them on Thursday after they got out of school from their last school day.  Here are a couple pics of them the first night when we got their beds set up before sleeping.  They were feeling pretty good - or at least they were excited about the trip.

I continued to sew a little on the binding of this little quilt.  I have named it "Leftover" because it is all made from fabric from another project - from years ago -  and it is from a time when I was active in an online group and this was done through a round robin where we mailed the items on after each round was added.  I did make some changes to it after I got it back to better fit my liking. And then it sat for a long time in the "to be quilted pile"  Now it is going to be done - Leftover - but done.  I never have much time anymore to do any quilting or fiber work - hope that changes soon.  I will show more pics when it is done.  There are some real tension issues on the back that I am going to try to make acceptable.

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