Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Great Weekend . . .

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  We spent time remembering those who have served in our country's military and those who lost their lives in service.  We also remembered our family loved ones who have passed.  It is a good time to give thanks.

Friday, Bob and I cleaned this house in preparation for a wonderful birthday celebration for our 6 year old grandson.  (And it needed a lot of cleaning as I have really neglected doing anything more than just the minimum for months.)  It was a great party for family with his Denver grandmother able to come as well as my sister and her daughter and her daughter's best friend.  The birthday boy ordered the menu and that is what we did.  We had cheeseburger and fries with a great salad.  He also wanted a chocolate cake with ice cream and his theme was Star Wars.  We got all of that and few margaritas for the adults.  Maybe a few too many of those, but it was so much fun!

Saturday, Bob and I went to a "Kimble" family reunion in Helena.  It was cold and rainy and the event was planned outside under a covered picnic area.  We stayed a couple hours and saw lots of family.  I am one of the "first cousins" from our original Montana Kimble family.  My dad and his two sisters stayed in Montana and his brothers moved to live in other parts of the country.  It is the first cousins and their families from the Montana group that gathered.  But there are lots and lots of younger family members and it is fun to see how much they look like their parents did years ago.

Sunday and Monday we rested and remembered.  I got in some sewing and some visiting.   It was all good.

I am getting closer to getting this quilt done . . . should come off the table today.  Here is a pic in progress.  It has taken way too long but it feels good when I do get a chance to work on it.  The green is the last to do and I am going to use a lime green/gold thread.  I hope it works.  The most time consuming was that little, tiny black (dark charcoal really) stipple around the gold leaves.  But, I am feeling confident again with lots of practice with freehand and ruler work.

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