Monday, May 18, 2015

Where did that week go?

I came back from HMQS in Salt Lake City and the next thing I remember is this morning.  Where did that week go?  I came home with a cold or sinus crud or something and it seemed to take it's toll all week.  I had a terrible stiff neck and didn't even get dressed a couple days.  But - feeling much better today.

I wanted to share a great class I took at HMQS.  Laurie Tigner is a fiber artist from Rapid City, SD. She taught a class using Inktense pencils and I loved the class.  I had always wanted to try using them.  I made a couple samples and really enjoyed the process so I am looking forward to doing more.  Here is one of my samples.

I knew I had purchased some of these a while back and never used them.  So when I got home they were waiting for me on a shelf.  There was also a set of these crayon kind.  Now I am anxious to get more done.  Glad I am feeling better.

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