Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yesterday . . .

We did make the trip to Fort Benton yesterday to bury Mom's ashes in the cemetery there as she wanted.  We buried her next to my dad who passed in December of 2009.

They both grew up around Fort Benton and lived there as children and young marrieds.  They left that area in 1957 when they moved to Augusta, Montana where they lived until 1963.  From 1963 until 1984, they lived in Helena and then when they were both retired, they moved to the western Colorado for a few years.   They wanted to try living someplace different I guess.  I lived in Colorado at that time, but I lived in the Denver area and it was a 5 hour trip over the mountains so we didn't connect very often.  They really seemed to be "on their own" in Grand Junction, Colorado.  I think they felt young again without responsibilities.

They left Grand Junction and moved to Missoula, Montana in 1988 or 89 - I can't remember for sure which.  My own life at that time was in a difficult place and I was focused on surviving the roughest part I had ever known (or ever would know) of my own road.

I am not sure why they left Grand Junction.  Mom always said that Dad wanted to move back and Dad always said that Mom wanted to move back.  But I suspect it had something to do with my sister, Stacey, having just gotten married and living in Missoula.  I think they had visions of future grand children dancing in their heads.

They loved Missoula and both of them made many friends and were very active.  They enjoyed watching their new granddaughter grow.  It was a good life for them.  Dad died there in 2009 and Mom continued to live in Missoula until she moved to Bozeman in 2011.  With all of that moving, Fort Benton always seemed to be their place.  Their parents are also all buried in the Fort Benton cemetery as are several of their siblings.  And that is what they always wanted - to be buried there with family.

And now they are . . . separate . . . but together . . . always . . .

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