Sunday, August 2, 2015

Changes happening and a big week coming . . .

First - I am really proud of myself for working on my self talk.  I have made an effort the past two days to focus on "what is good about Carol".  If I start to go "there", I just get up and go physically or mentally someplace else - physical movement is much easier with quicker results.  It seems my goal setting might have made the negative self talk worse.  So I have softened my work and art expectations.

And I have also found that by doing that I have made a couple intentional decisions to move away from things I start to "dwell on" that I cannot change.  You know - things with gloval warming of the earth or lions being cruelly killed or children abused in another part of the world.  I rethink the "Serenity Prayer".  I know it by heart - just that my head doesn't always remember it.  It has even helped when I start to think I need to hover in family decisions or linger in family issues.

Big week coming this week!  Lots of excitement.  Roy and Meagan will be here in a few hours for a week long visit.  We haven't seen them since they left in January after Mom's funeral.  That is when this picture was taken.

Mid week we are heading off to Virginia City, MT where my sister, Stacey will be getting married.  It is going to be a great celebration.  She is marrying an amazing man whom we all love.  She has had so much struggling since her divorce 7 years ago and it seems things have really turned around for her.  I know Mom and Dad are watching and smiling.  The wedding is Saturday night but there are several gatherings before - one on Thursday night and one on Friday night - to meet family and get reacquainted with new and old friends.  We are taking our Gus Bus and staying in the little local RV park.  Roy and Meagan have a little cabin rented in the RV park and Stan and his family will be coming in their camping trailer.  So it will be a good gathering for our little part of the family and then a wonderful bunch of love with the entire family and lots of friends.  Stacey and Michael have lots and lots of family and friends that we are all going to enjoy.

I will share more as the week goes along.  We have pedicures planned, haircuts, dinners out, shopping, and some crafty fun.  Oh my - we are looking forward to a grand week!

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