Friday, August 21, 2015

Smoky here . .

There are so many fires in Montana, Idaho and Washington.  Our air quality here is very bad and it has been bad all day.  We did have some wind that caused some of it to move out but it quickly settled back in the valley.  Here is a picture this morning from the parking lot of our local mall.  It was about 8 am.  Everything had this orange glow and that is the sun.  Bob and I had gone in to walk since there was so much smoke outside.  It is hot and dry.  Today there was the wind but it wasn't as bad as predicted. The temps are going to be much cooler tomorrow.

I decided to make a fourth cup.  I made three of them last year when they were to be part of a group project.  You can learn more about those intentions here.  The group project never got completed so I decided I needed one more cup.  I am not sure how I will connect them.  I like the way they came out.  It is 

I am going through my studio.  Sorting out things I haven't seen for a while and trying to determine what I need and want to take with me for projects.  I can tell I am going to have to thin it down or it is not going to fit into our space.  Our next two weeks are going to be busy and we need to get very focused to get the last of it all ready.

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