Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tired Tuesday . . .

I think all of the health problems of my loved ones these past few months caught up with me today.  I woke up tired and have stayed that way all day.  But tomorrow I know there will be more energy.

I continue to quilt on the gingko quilt - a little at a time.  Here is a cup that I made using reverse applique.  I started with 7 layers and cut away sections.  The bright pink is the top of the layers and the blue plate is the bottom layer. It is part of a project I am working on with two of my fiber art friends.  We try to have coffee together once a week.  We each made three of these that are totally different.  I will will share more with you on that later.  Wait until you see what we are planning to do next.

The Christmas cactus is in full bloom again - as usual - this time of year.  It starts in early November and continues until mid winter or even sometime in March.  This cactus was started from the original plant that my Grandmother Kimble had.  Or so the story goes - I didn't know her.  But I do remember the original plant at my aunts house when I was a little girl.  My cousin took starts off it for all of the cousins who wanted a plant and this one is mine.  I need to trim it back.

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