Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Oops - another week slipped by . . .

Where does time go and how does it all happen so quickly.  Since I was here last there has been a lot going on it seems but not much of interest.  We did get some snow and cool weather over the weekend and you can barely see our house from the highway with all of the snow on the trees.  It started out as rain, then wet snow and then colder snow - total of about 8 inches I think.

I did get the warping process started on my new loom.  I had to keep watching the beginning weaving class on Craftsy.  I love Craftsy!  Now I need to finish the warping process and get started weaving.  It is going to be a scarf I think.    I have been busy with Christmas stuff so it might be a slow process and I keep wanting to do quilting on my gingko leaves.  Too much stuff I want to do.

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