Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wanting to blog again . . .

The time has come when I really want to blog again.  I am anxious to share some stuff I am creating and times with family and friends.  It will be more like a journal.  Exciting for me to write again.

We just got back from Billings this afternoon.  Bob had a carotid endarterectomy on the right side. The words are interesting, huh?  They opened his neck and right carotid, cleaned it all out and stitched it up again.  He is doing great.

I bought an early Christmas present while there for myself.  I have been thinking I wanted a rigid heddle loom and found a good deal on one through Craigslist while we were in Billings.  This is the one I bought and will set it up tomorrow.

It is a Kromski Harp - 24 inches.  I can upgrade it to the Kromski Harp Forte, but I will use it as it is for a bit first.  I am a real beginner's beginner so I signed up for a Craftsy class to help me get started.  Fun stuff is coming!

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