Friday, December 19, 2014

More holiday activities

We went to the little guys' Christmas program this afternoon at their school.  It was really good and always fun to see all the kids excited to be in a program.  Almost every child is dressed in their party finery, but once in a while I will notice a child who either forgot that today was the "program" day or wore the best they had.  One little guy had on shorts (this is Montana and the high temp today was 32 degrees), old tennis shoes and a very worn t-shirt that was several sizes too large.  His eyes were scared and he kept looking around.  My heart broke for him.  I want to do something to help but don't want to embarrass.  Not sure which way to go here.

I came home to work on my learning mistakes.  I am trying to learn to do some weaving.  Of course I have to do things my way - lots of things to learn.  I used some yarns for the warp that were not good choices.  I wanted a lot of different kinds of novelty yarns so they would also be in the fringe so they needed to be loaded as warp.   It was impossible to move the heddle back and forth freely as a frew of these yarns fuzzed and caught up with themselves and other yarns.  So last night I cut off what I had done and this afternoon reloaded some newer yarns that will behave better I think.

Here is a picture of what I cut off.  I love the colors and the various textures the different novelty yarns add, but I did not love the way some of those yarns behaved.  Of course an experienced weaver would have told me that, but I wanted to travel my own path.  I will do something with this little sample - maybe use it or part of it in a small wall hanging with a quilted piece..

Also walked by this little Christmas tree I have used for years.  I made it over 15 years ago one evening with the help of a good friend in Denver.  Every year I drag it out, pull and pinch here and there, and enjoy it as much as the first year I made it.  It is made on a tomato cage frame.

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