Monday, December 8, 2014

New week. . .

Mondays are great days - starting a new week.  I like Mondays, but Wednesdays are my favorite day because I love the sound of the word.

Bob continues to improve from his carotid surgery last week.  That is good news.

And I am back in my studio.  Here is the view from my new window this afternoon.  We replaced the older windows with newer, more energy efficient ones, and I have taken down the curtains and am enjoying the view and the great light.

We have only a little snow left.  We have had some good snow fall and some very cold temps but we have also had many days with above average temps and wind and that makes short work of the snow. There will be more coming for sure as this is Montana.

Here is one of the things I am working on now.  I am quilting big gingko leaves and then finishing it off.  It is a quilt that was done through a Round Robin I participated in several years ago and I am now getting it done so I can move on to another project.

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