Sunday, May 18, 2014

Great day . . .

We decided to take off and head to the hills.  It is really not that far.  It was a rainy day - great day for creating in the studio, but Bob didn't want to work outside.  Who can blame him?  So off we went.

We drove east to Livingston and then south on one of the "back roads of Montana".   It was mostly a dirt road, but in good shape.  Lots of gorgeous scenery and then we traveled over to a paved road south of Big Timber. From there we went further south to the Natural Bridge falls.  The natural rock bridge collapsed in the late 80"s, but it is still a site to see as the river goes underground.  When the water is high the water goes over top of the normal underground part, but the run off from the snow in the mountains is not in full force so the main river still drops underground for a bit and comes out below.  The second picture shows some of the scenery and the third one a small plant growing in the rocks.

Loved it all.

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