Wednesday, August 5, 2015


We have shopped and ate and laughed and enjoyed every minute so far of the family week here. Meagan is eleven and she is a clothes horse.  Monday she and I made a cute skirt for her.  Everything looks good on her so we took advantage of a couple good sales at Macy's and Kohl's and picked up some things she likes a lot.

We have had two evenings of family suppers - burgers and homemade fries with caprese salad on Monday night and shredded chicken burritos with all of the trimmings last night - even the green chili for "smothering" them.

Today she and I did the Boot Barn and then hit a great sale at Shoe Carnival.  She then went to have a sleepover with her little cousins.  Roy and Stan have gone off to camp tonight and get in some fishing and a good bike ride tomorrow.  Bob and I are enjoying a couple quiet hours.

And then it is back to the whirlwind tomorrow.  She and I are having a mani-pedi morning,  It is all so good!

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