Monday, August 17, 2015

Keep on getting ready . . .

Remember when I said "something need to change" around here and talked about my attitude toward myself.  Well, I am still working on it and I have made really good progress.  Yesterday I also decided that I needed to really focus on being very loving to myself in all that I do.  It is amazing how hard that is.  I have been so harsh on myself for so long that there are some bad habits to erase.

We just keep on getting things packed up and away.  Today I continued cleaning out a big armoire that is located in what we call the "round room".  It is really the center of the bedroom pod.

We live in a house, you know, made out of two nine-sided pods that are connected with an atrium. Here is a picture from the top so you can see what I mean.  This is from Google.  The large square roof north of the pods is the garage with my studio on the second floor of the garage.  The bedroom pod is the one on the south.

The pods each have a center core that is about 15 feet high with beams that go out to post all around the outer walls of each pod.  Here is a picture of the living area pod so you can see how the beams hold it up and the center of this pod has two fireplaces.  Here is the one in the family room.  There is also one in the living room around the corner.

Anyway - the bedroom round has a "round room" in the center where the fireplaces are in the living area round.   It is really a small nine sided room.  The diameter of that room is probably 8 to 10 feet. There is a large armoire on one wall that has been just storage of all kinds for the past 20 years.  I am cleaning it out and setting it up as a game area for the grandsons when they live here.  The Xbox will be in there connected to a TV and all the games will be in that area.  Here is a pic of the project in process while I am pulling everything out and sorting to go to garbage, donation or ???  I will share more when I get it done.

We went to the Kiwanis picnic tonight.  Bob has been a member of Kiwanis for many, many years and I always enjoy visiting at the picnic.  It is the only time during the year that I see many of these folks so it is fun to catch up.  

I started quilting a little quilt wall hanging - and it will be quick.  It is for my friend's daughter in Denver.  The fabric print means nothing will show and that is good because my heart is not in it.  I keep saying I do not want to quilt for others and then haven't figured out how to say "no" to friends. I want to get a couple of my own art quilts done before we leave so I can do the additional embellishing as we travel.  Think positive on that one.  

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