Monday, August 10, 2015

Home from a wonderful weekend. . .

We got home this afternoon.  We went over to Virginia City on Thursday and spent the last 4 nights there.  Stacey and Michael got married Saturday night but we had lots of festivities before and after.

Thursday night we all went out to dinner at a great steak house in a little town named Alder which is about 9 miles away.  We met Michael's family there for the first time.  His mom, dad, stepmom and sister had all traveled from St. Louis to share in the celebration.   When we got back to the RV park that evening this is the view of the gorgeous sunset.

Each morning we had breakfast in the motorhome.  I was an amazing "short order cook" meeting all of the grands requests.  Here is a picture of the two dads (my sons) and Walker and Meagan.  Weston had an ear ache the night before so he was getting some much needed sleep in their camper.

Friday night we all met again for another family and friend gathering at the Wells Fargo steak house in Virginia City.  Here are a couple shots of some of the family.

Saturday was the wedding.  Here is a picture of my beautiful niece, Taylor.  She is 23 and lives in Arizona where she is finishing her final semester at ASU.  She looks so much like younger pictures of my mom.  Ah - those cheekbones are amazing!

The wedding was on Boot Hill overlooking the entire valley.  The ceremony was very special and loving.  We all rode up to the ceremony in the old anique fire truck from Virginia City.  Here is a picture of my daughter-in-law, Rainy, with Walker and Weston as they watched the ceremony. 

 The vows were beautiful and the evening was gorgeous.  It had rained all day and then just shortly before the clouds parted, the sun came out and it was all perfect.

Following the vows, they let the doves fly away.  

It was a great weekend.  

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