Friday, February 6, 2015

Nothing in the studio happenin'

No work that is . . . several sewing machine type things just sitting and waiting,  but they don't work by themselves.

I am planning to get back in there, but have had a few busy days.  Today I woke early, early - like at 4 am and got started creating a spreadsheet to show all of estate settlement activity.  I needed to do that as I feel much better already.  It feels like I know what is going on and that is good.   There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  As the saying goes, I just hope it is not a freight train.

Feeling much better and no more episodes in the ditch.  Sadness, but also joy in having Mom here until she was 93+.

Since I am not working on anything new, I decided to post a picture of a project I did some time back.  Kind of "fiber throwback day".  It is an image of me, head bowed, hole in my heart.  Lot os quilting and some sparkle.  I am not sure where I was when I did it but it fits sometimes now.  It is a mixed up time of passion, fire, sadness, grief.  I had no idea.

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