Saturday, February 7, 2015

Good Day . . .

The weather here is amazing!  We have had several days of 50 degrees and it looks like there will be more.  Hard to believe it is February in Montana.  But we are well aware that it could change and we can still have some pretty stiff winter.

This morning as we came back from our walk I noticed that the weeds are growing by the gate.  This dirt was brought in there last fall and now it has some new weeds.  I continue to be amazed.

Had some great soup today for lunch.  I haven't been cooking much from scratch.  Too many other things to do and sometimes I am in the dumps.  But we bought these two kinds of soup at Costco.  Add some turkey kielbasa and mix one container of each.  Wow!  It is so good!  It might be my new favorite soup.  Smooth, tomato flavor with lots of healthy veggies and quinoa.  

And one last picture of some throwback fiber creating.  This is a quilt I made a few  years back from recycled sweaters that I washed.  Some nice beads and so much fun to do.  I feel the creative urge a bit - like an ember - maybe it will start to flame again soon.

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