Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tried to skip a week. . .

Not sure what is going on with me.  Last night we had a wonderful dinner out with friends to celebrate Valentines Day.  And I know that Valentines Day is on February 14th.  This morning I woke early with lots of inspiration about a project I want to do.  A quilting project about the year following Mom's death.  It just came to me.  A quilt each month - 15 x 15 in size.  Showing what I am feeling, doing, where I am going.  Capture the time with fabric and thread.  So I got up quickly and headed to my studio to do some drawing and get some notes down while the thinking was fresh.

And I thought it was February 22 - really thought it was February 22.  Wrote that day on all my journal pages with the notes and sketches.  Studied the calendar and looked at the 22nd thinking it was today.

I was feeling rushed to get to church as I like to go and want to get there at least a couple times each month.  I really like going to church - like the love and answers that come to me there.  But I don't go every Sunday and I am ok with that.  Some Sundays we take long road trips and some Sundays Bob likes to go out for a long breakfast and some Sundays I like to be lazy.  But I thought it was the 22nd and I really wanted to get to church for the last Sunday in February.

Then just like a warm wind it came to me as I am feeling a bit of push to get my breakfast done and get my coffee and get ready.  Today is February 15th.  A gift of another week.  A gift of another day. A gift of time.  Wonderful blessing of more time.  Thank you so much.

And . . . sharing more from the past.  Here are a couple pictures of Centennial Sky.  I quilted this for a friend from Centennial, Colorado a few years back.  Today I am going to quilt.

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