Monday, February 23, 2015

Quick trip to Billings . . .

Today we went on a quick trip to Billings so Bob could get his 3 month checkup following his carotid surgery in December.  It was all good!  Now he is ready for the next surgery - getting that shoulder replaced this Thursday.

We did a little shopping here and there and decided to stop and walk through the new Scheels store. It is huge.  It is all about clothing and all kinds of sporting goods. Two full floors and a huge center atrium.  This beautiful aquarium is near the front of the store as you come in.

Then if you turn 180 degrees behind you from looking at the aquarium you see the bottom of a ferris wheel in the center atrium - plus lots of clothes and shoes and all kind of sporting goods.

It really is a huge ferris wheel which you can ride.  We didn't.   But here is what it looks like standing under it and looking up.  Amazing.  In addition the store is filled with realistic displays of all kinds of wildlife.  And there are a couple animated statues - one of Thomas Jefferson and one of Abraham Lincoln - shades of Epcot Center.

It was a good day even though it was cold and really, really windy.  We have been spoiled by a very nice winter but it sounds like we are now in for more typical temps for a while.  Oh,  well - whatever - might as well enjoy it as there is nothing one can do about it.

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