Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It did snow . . .

This is what we woke to this morning - tried to take the picture in the same place as yesterday when the snow wasn't get "sticking". I think we ended up with a bit over 6 inches It has been very coo all day and it is supposed to get really cold overnight as it has cleared off.

I went to our art group gathering tonight. It is a group that comes together once a month and some share work they have done. . . some don't. I rarely share anything, but I do enjoy seeing the work of others. Tonight we did have a good, but rare, discussion about what we could do in the future to have a few work sessions. It will be interesting to see where that goes. As in all quilt groups that I have known there are a few who are very outspoken and maybe not real flexible - and they seem to set the direction of the group. The rest of us just show up and mostly keep our mouths shut. Once a year or so the group does have a show and this spring there will be a showing of some of the work at the Pioneer Museum. It should be a good show. I had thought I would show the small wall hanging of heavy quilting I did just before Christmas, but it doesn't feel right to show it so I have decided not to - not the right fit for this show.

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