Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wonderful day . . .

Fiber . . . First off, I finished my first pantograph design using the software "Art and Stitch". I tested it yesterday on some muslin and made some adjustments so it would stitch smoothly. Today I used it on a new customer's quilt. She made this sampler in a class at one of our local shops and she wanted it quilted so it would be "soft" and not very much quilting with thread that "really blends". I think this looks good and I hope she will like it. She and I were graduate students together over 30 years ago. She retired a few years ago as well, but she just started quilting.

Family . . . Fun . . . Food . . . This evening we went to Stan and Rainy's for a yummy supper. Rainy fixed the best baked chicken with brocolli and couscous. She has a wonderful caprese salad and for dessert she had black bean brownies with ice cream. It was all wonderful and very Weight Watchers friendly. The purpose of the evening was to celebrate Bob's birthday which was really in March while we were in Arizona. It was a really special evening with very special loved ones.

Friends . . . And then a major "ah-ha" for me this morning. Friendship should not be so hard! If it is hard work to be a friend, then it is not meant to be. Sometimes when you meet someone, things seem to really click with humor and common interests. And then, it seems I end up doing all of the work to maintain the "friendship". Today, I finally realized that I just plain try too hard and true friendship should not be so hard. Good friends are a blessing and a gift. But, I must remember that not all situational acquaintances are meant to become true friends. They may be enjoyable and even inspirational - but should be enjoyed for the moment and then let go into the wind. Life just got so much simpler!

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