Friday, April 22, 2011

This is quick . . .

Just a quick note about yesterday and today . . .

• Bob and I did our Senior Grocery deliveries yesterday. We had one elderly lady pass out while we were there and so we called her family and waited a bit after she came around until her niece arrived. Then we a few stops later, a lady who has had multiple brain operations had a amall seizure type attack - stayed with her until she was better. I am glad we do it, but I am so saddened by the living conditions of some of these folks. Bob and I always talk on the way home about how blessed we are to have each other and our health. We were pretty quiet for the rest of the day - I need to do more.

• Got up early today to 6 inches more snow and yucky roads. I picked up Weston and we headed west for the 200 miles drive to Missoula to pick up my mom. The bad roads didn't last more than 20 miles out of Bozeman - in fact 20 miles west of here there was not snow at all. Once we were in Missoula, we had a great lunch at Wendy's (have you tried their apple, pecan, walnut salad - half size?), shopped at Michael's and Target and started home. Those are both favorite stores for Weston. We came home through Helena (adds about 12 miles to the trip but some different scenery) so we could scope out some sites for a birthday celebration for Mom this summer - it is her 90th. Weston also got to ride and ride and ride the carousel in Helena. We got home her about 8.

• We had a nice visit from our neighbors when they got home to pick up their mail after having been gone for a few days. We do that for each other out here in the country. Rainy came to pick up Weston and we had a little party - well it was decaf coffee, a little Irish cream and lots of laughter.

• I am now off to bed - it is 11 pm. A good day!!!

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