Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday - my very favorite day . . .

I love Wednesday - just like the way the word sounds. And - it is in the middle of the week so I am past the hard part of the first two days of work and yet there are two days left to get everything needed done. That is how I used to think when I worked! But, I still like Wednesday!

Fiber and Fun . . . I have been working off and on on this little table topper for Breakfast Club. It was to have a solid black border and the black floral binding. When I was at the quilt shop on Monday - the one where we have Breakfast Club - I saw this wonderful fabric with the teacups. I just fell in love. I had no idea what to do with it, but I bought a yard thinking I might make 4 placemats to go with the little table topper. Then when I got home, it seemed to want to be a border on the table topper. So a border it is! I had to figure out how to turn the corner with the cups. They are actually even, but in the closeup the quilt is hanging and it looks wavy. The background of the cups is a soft polka dot. I think this will be really cute when it is quilted. The floral also hanging over the table rail is what I am going to use for the back and I think it needs red binding. Breakfast Club is next Tuesday and I would like to have it quilted, but that is not going to be. I want to do some custom quilting with metallic gold thread so I will wait until after Easter when I have time and won't feel rushed. I will work on something else - loving my studio time just making fun stuff.

Family . . . I am heading to Missoula early Friday to gather up Mom and bring her back for Easter with us all here. Weston is going along. We will come back through Helena where there is a carousel he loves to ride. It is a little longer (12 miles and not all interstate). We will also look at some possible venues for Mom's 90th birthday celebration in July. Her actual birthday is next month, but she wants to wait until my sister can be here from Arizona and that means July. It works for me! Someone mentioned having it in Helena - she lived there and taught school there for many years before they moved to Missoula after retirement. She kind of liked the idea so we will go in that direction.

Friends . . . Had two surprise phone visits today with good friends. . . always a special blessing. It is fun to catch up!

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Penny Bubar said...

Carol, I love that quilt - I love everything about it. It reminds me of a fabric that I found years ago of single beautiful roses all in a row. Had to have it so I made a stack N wack and bordered it with the fabric. Can hardly wait to see it quilted