Friday, April 1, 2011

Still on the move - a little . . .

We are moving north - slowly - and we are still in Arizona. We came up to Flagstaff yesterday. We are in a nice campground so we took off with the jeep today and drove the loop to see the south rim of the Grand Canyon. I had not ever seen the Grand Canyon and I was so humbled that I started to cry. So much emotion about how little we really matter.

Our time in the Mesa/Chandler area was wonderful. We were on the run every day visiting with friends - old and new - and seeing lots of sites.

But, that hectic pace and two days of traveling have caused us to say, "What is the hurry?". We really don't have to be home on any certain day so we might just hang out here for a bit longer.

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Janna and Mike said...

We keep coming close to each other on these travels. We are at Mesa Verde, CO now but will head up to Moab, UT probably on Sunday or Monday. Isn't the Grand Canyon just spectacular?