Monday, April 18, 2011

Snowy springtime . . .

Great big snow flakes have drifted down off and on all day. There may be a couple inches by morning and it will continue off and on tomorrow. The mountains will see more. As you can see, the grass has just started to green, but there will be no leaves on those trees for another couple weeks at the least. It is colder than normal.

I have been writing my blog in segments to see if the subtitle still fits. I have not had anything related to the "food" part yet - but that might come. I want to continue with the segments for a while.

Fiber . . . I did a quick visit to day to 4 quilt shops. I want to start doing more customer quilting again as I haven't done much for the past couple years. I actually didn't ever plan to take new customers again. I kept quilting for a few customers I had had for quite a few years. But, I have had some new customers come my way recently. When I took this finished table runner to our Breakfast Club quilting group where we started them, I had several requests for quilting. I did quilt one other members table runner and it was well received. I have given it some thought and I have come to realize that I have thoroughly enjoyed quilting for customers again. So I am off again to get a few more new customers.

I am trying two things to see if I can bring in some new customers. The first thing I am doing is to personally hand out a special business card that is specific for 20% off "edge to edge" quilting. This ends on June 30th. I will pass these out next week at Breakfast Club and I have given them to a few previous customers. The second thing I am doing is to revisit a couple local quilt shops and let them know that I am in the business for new business again. I gave each of them a little card worth one free quilting on a sample/display quilt to be used in the shop. I will see what happens from that. I enjoy quilting and I particularly like quilting shop samples as the quality is very good and the patterns/fabric are current and fun. And, it is a way to help out our local shops where things are not quite so economically flush.

Friends . . . Today I returned the quilt I showed yesterday. She is a new quilter and we were very good friends 35 years ago while in graduate school. I was a young, divorced mother with two young sons. Last night I was awake in the middle of the night for some time struggling with the thinking that I wished I could have provided my boys with a more stable growing up environment. Today, as this quilter/friend and I were reminiscing about those days long past, she said, "You were such a dedicated, loving mother to those boys." Without even thinking, tears just rolled down my cheeks. It was such good medicine after a sleepless night. No coincidence - but rather a special blessing.

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Janna and Mike said...

A very special blessing!