Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday morning . . .

I wanted to share some pictures from an adventure I took last night. A few months ago, Judy Laquidara shared a tutorial on how she sews the binding down on both sides with the sewing machine. There is a link to it in the right hand column of her blog under "General Info". I loved it then and last night I tried it on a practice piece as I have a bunch of placemats to bind. I don't mind doing binding by hand, but I am working a few minutes here and there on a customer quilt binding so one hand binding at a time is enough for me.

The first picture is just of the pile of placemats and the second one is of the practice piece - I quilted one lone block that was leftover. You can see it from the front and the last picture is a close up of the back. I am so impressed. If you haven't tried her guidelines for doing it this way, you really should. It is perfect!

I woke this morning at almost 9 - not sure why as I never and I mean NEVER sleep that late. I was deep in a dream about the motorhome when the phone rang. It should be done this week and the weather is looking good so we are hoping to go get it on Sunday and Monday. In the dream, it ended up at a car dealer's and everyone was going through it. You had to climb up a ladder to get in and once in, it was a disaster. There was blue stuff running down the walls in the bathroom and the bed was on a pedastal that you had to climb up stairs to get on. It is a good thing the phone rang, huh? I hope it is not prophetic of what is to come. We are so looking forward to getting it, but had no idea it would take this long and we have had to solve a few problems along the way already. I think that will be the norm from what we hear with a motorhome.

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Anonymous said...

Carol, the bindings look great!

I loved the freehand quilting you showed the other day, I'm sorry I did not leave a message that I had enjoyed it.

Hopefully the dream is where all the bad stuff happens, with the motorhome. That in 'real life' you'll have minimal problems or disappointments. :) TeresaL