Friday, October 30, 2009

Project ideas and kid pics . . .

Here are some pics I didn't get put in the previous post for today so I will just put them here. This is the next installment of the quilt from the "Breakfast Club". I am going to love this one - may have to keep it myself. It is the Astor Manor jelly roll from Moda.

And here is my project for next Wednesday's sewing day with my friend in Helena. We are going to meet once a month to make bags and this is going to be my first one. I saw this pattern on one of the discussions all done up and loved it. Yesterday I was in Joann's and they had their home dec fabric on sale so I got these two pieces. I will dig the lining fabric out of my stash - these are my colors so I have lots that will work. I will go early (it is about 100 miles) and then stay over night and go on from there to Missoula (another 100+ miles) for a visit with Mom and Dad.

Rainy brought the boys out this morning so we could we could do a little repair on Weston's Halloween costume. He is going to be "Mr. Incredible" which also is one of my favorite movies. He has had the costume for a couple weeks and worn it a little and the mask came apart - like it was made to last 30 seconds. So it needed some special "Grandma attention". I love that part. Walker is just smiling all the time and he is such a cute little button. I will ad more pics of them after the trick or treating tomorrow night when they have their costumes on. We have decided both boys look like a mixture of their Mom and Dad. We are brilliant, huh?

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