Monday, October 5, 2009

More for today . . .

The snow has ended - at least until Wednesday and then more is on the way with unusually cold temps for this time of year by weekend. And - it is Homecoming at our Montana State U here - brrrr - may have to watch that game on TV.

Anyway - I like the way this turned out so I wanted to share. I am also doing the binding. I tried "tucking" a little curved crosshatching in behind the feathers at the corners and I like it okay. Click on it for a closer look - it is all freehand - needed to let Hoke (my IQ) have a vacation and keep my freehand sharp. I am going to let Hoke do the driving on the next one.

We are off to Coeur d'Alene tomorrow and Wednesday - need to do some "motorhome" stuff. We had a repair list and they are having trouble getting the necessary parts. It is nothing major, but we need to go visit it and try to get some alternative options in place - or else decide to just park it in northern Idaho and use it as a condo as we pass through. Hmmm - with all this snow, that may not be too bad an idea for this year. We also want to get some things changed on the suspension that is our choice. The roads are okay once out of the mountains here.


Kim S said...

Your freehanding is yummy!!!

Carol said...

Thank you, Kim! I have gotten rusty and need more practice, but life keeps getting in the way. LOL!