Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finally . . .

It has been a long month since we bought the motorhome. It has been quite a learning experience, but we are finally here to pick it up today. Our good friends from Helena came with us yesterday and we are so enjoying the trip and the company.

We have a 3 to 4 hour class this morning and then we are going back to Missoula for the night before heading home tomorrow. The picture is from the day we bought it a month ago as I didn't bring my cable to download pics to my computer - what is up with that?

We named it "Gus". When we got to Helena to pick up our friends, they had a wonderful "goodie basket" ready for us with some things we would need. They are experienced RVers. And, Ken had written a poem to welcome us to the RV world. The last line was "so, get on the bus, Gus". That is one of my favorite songs so we just had to name the coach "Gus". We are now thinking of acronyms for that - could be "grandparents under stress" - but we will keep having fun with it.

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