Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things to sell . . . things to consider . . .

I am starting to get interested in selling some stuff on eBay. It is time to thin out! I ordered a couple books from Amazon that will arrive by Saturday and I heading off to become an eBay seller. Any readers out there selling stuff this way? Any advice? Most of my personal stuff is sewing and quilting related - patterns, books, fabric, sewing machines and not Miss Daisy or Hoke - yet anyway. We also have tons of clothes, collectibles, art, decorator items, dishes, etc. Bob has lots of tools and sh*& in the garage that he is interested in moving out as well. I would rather do a few things at a time than drag it all out for a garage sale. And we live in the country so traffic at a garage sale is not always so good. So - stay tuned in for my next adventure. LOL!

Our "Spokane and Back" trip was good - the weather there was wonderful. We are having snow and very cold temps here (highs in the 20's and lows near 0). This is supposed to last through the next 3 or 4 days and then we will be back to more normal temps. The problem with this is - no fall colors this year and they are my favorite. The leaves will just be brown and hang on the trees until a good wind hits. Not what you might call "autumn eye candy".

So - I said - "let's move to Spokane". It is half way between Portland and Bozeman where the grands are and they have a bit less winter. It is also closer to Seattle which I love and we have so many good friends there and it is actually a bit closer to Missoula than we are now. But, I really need to get high behind and thin out. We will do the motorhome thing this year - travel a bit into warmer weather through the winter time. But, we will focus on getting things thinned out and then make a moving decision next summer. We feel like kids again and the whole world is our "oyster". Isn't life grand?

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