Sunday, February 15, 2009

We made it . . .

We got here to Portland last evening just in time to go with Roy and Meagan to the Northwest Children's Theatre for "Alice in Wonderland". It was a fun, original show combining jazz with muscial theatre.

I have really been hit hard with this last virus, but hope I can see the end of the tunnel with it. I don't like traveling sick and I know I was sick as I love to drive and I didn't even want to drive.

We went to Missoula on Friday and met with financial planners for Mom and Dad. We then went on to Spokane for the night. I had several coughing "fits" - you know the kind - you can't stop and can't get in air. And, you hope you don't have to go to the bathroom or you are in trouble. Ice water is the best remedy followed by a cough drop. I only had 2 such episodes yesterday so I know I am getting better. Roy really wanted us to come if at all possible as we had postponed once already when we were going to come out for Meagan's birthday the end of January.

We will only be here 2 days and they are filled with "Grandma" stuff - celebrating her birthday a couple weeks late, shopping at the Disney Store, baking chocolate chip cookies, painting our fingernails, putting crystals on a shirt, dinner out at "our favorite place", painting the puppet heads from last fall - all the good stuff squeezed into 2 days.

By the time we get home next week, I will be well enough to see Weston, get more hugs and stuff. I hope he is also well so we can stop passing this crud back and forth.

Bob and I looked at each other last night and thought about how blessed we are - last week we spent time with Weston at the Disney Live show and this week we are with Meagan at a show in Portland. It is all good!

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