Friday, February 6, 2009

Good Friends . . .

Many years ago, I came to Montana State University here and was randomly assigned a roommate. Her name is Gail and she was from another town here in Montana. We became "best friends". We still are "best friends" and have been for all these many years. We have done Weight Watchers together since it started off and on, raised kids together, sewn together, made felted wool coats together, shared holidays, learned to quilt together and even collaborated on a couple show quilts together. She and I made "Tumbling Through Time" shown in the pic. We laugh now because our friendship survived that experience. That setting is a large Lemoyne Star and our experience with doing that was non existent at the time. We have great stories about our trials. Our paths and lifestyles have curved and crossed through the years. She and her husband, Jim, lived in the Denver area when I did and still live there. They are coming today for a long weekend visit.

We are heading to dinner tonight at a steakhouse out of town and meeting up with another couple, Ken and Laurena, who have been in the same friendship circle even longer. Laurena and Gail were friends from childhood and Laurena came to college here at the same time. Laurena is not a quilter - yet. But, we keep working on her. She is getting close as she called me yesterday and needs to add a border to a quilt her sister made for her son. He wants it larger. I think that is a start.

Tomorrow night we are going to the Bobcat-Grizzly basketball game - that is the cross state rivalry between Montana State University (here) and the University of Montana (Missoula). It is not quite as big a deal with basketball as it is in football, but still a fun game. Then on Sunday, we are going to see Disney Live. Gail's nephew from Portland, OR is playing the role of Tigger. We have a "meet and greet" set up with Tigger for Weston before the show. Wow - what a day that will be as well.

They will leave on Monday and life will return to something near normal. Normal lately has been very, very busy. We have guild again on Tuesday night and I am the program chairperson so I am putting the finishing touches on the program for that evening. Here is a picture of the pineapple blocks that I showed how to do last month and now I am making them into a center with flying geese around the edge. We also shared a quick, no waste method, to do the flying geeese last month. This month our tips and tricks session focuses on various ways to make half square triangles. I thought it would be fun to take what we do each month and incorporate it into this and it will be my own "round robin". I will share more on it as I have more done than showing in the picture and will take a new picture later. This round robin idea was inspired by the work of another friend, Ronda Beyer, and you can see and read about her round robin work on her blog.

What a great weekend we have in store! It is all good!

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Anonymous said...

you're very blessed to have good friends!